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Los Angeles, EU. Finding Dory The swell that accompanies the pececita of “Finding Dory” subjugated now to the frustrated consequence “Independence Day: Resurgence”, whose premiere this weekend in the movies of Canada and the United States remained drowned by the new Pixar movie.

In its second week, “Finding Dory” preserved the top with a collection estimated in 73,2 million dollars, they informed the movies studies on Sunday.Finding Dory full movie

The début of “Resurgence”, of 41,6 million dollars, was much removed from that of the original movie of 1996. Original “Independence Day” collected 50,2 million dollars, equivalently to approximately 77 millions at present.

As for other premieres of the week, Finding Dory the thriller of sharks “The Shallows” collected 16,7 million dollars, enough more of the due thing, thanks to the good criticism.

On the other hand, the drama of the Civil war “Free State Of Jones”, with Matthew McConaughey, collected scarcely 7,7 millions, a reverse for the new study STX Entertainment.

“Looking for Dory” it is a success in the movies and also in YouTube. The amazing presence that has achieved the last jewel animated by Pixar has provoked that also the ‘youtubers’ investigate and show the secrets of this movie.
An example is the video of YouTube that we enclose to this note, in which the user The AtZ Show shows an incredible quantity of affected references in “Looking for Dory” that they will end up surprising you.
So, in Looking for Dory” you will see classic references in this YouTube video. An example of it is the outstanding figure “A113” who appears in several animated movies and who is a lounge of class where many of the most out-standing quizmasters of Pixar and other movies gave its first steps.

Nevertheless, also we will see surprising things. Because s well at this point it is quite usual that the truck of Pizza Planet of “Toy Story” represents in all the movies of Pixar of some form, this YouTube video demonstrates to us that the incredible thing there is the circumstance in which it appears in “Looking for Dory”.
Of course, the YouTube video also remembers us Pixar outstanding figures, especially animated shorts that were very successful like “Lava”. Nevertheless, in “Looking for Dory” also we will be able to see references to the entreñable Wall-E, movie animated by 2008.
The YouTube video also says to us how it is that “Looking for Dory” it integrates to the whole cinematographic universe of Pixar, a fanatics’ theory where it is supposed that all the movies are connected of coherent form.

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